A Swim Shakes Solution – the Cosy Sports Robe

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My second sea-swimming winter looms. Seabird Kath has written about the feeling of anticipation of the cold now it is a ‘known’ quantity. We are far more prepared this year – having found what works (no pants, bed socks, core-warmers and tea) and what doesn’t  (trying to put skinny jeans on damp legs with numb fingers, forgetting a woolly hat, waiting for faffier friends on the beach as the after drop kicks in…).

So….our new Sports Robes are a complete GAMECHANGER this year. They are so cosy after a swim that I no longer have the fear of how long the warm up is going to take as I know I have it covered. It is like taking your own turtle shell with you to retreat into after a swim, hence the little turtle motif on the bottom pocket. Cheaper than other options on the market but of very good quality they have lots of lovely extras:

  1. They come in a bag that doubles as a wet bag and a changing mat. Essential to stand on instead of cold ground.
  2. Extra long zip holders for numb fingers
  3. Lots of pockets! For keys, phones, goggles etc.
  4. Roomy for changing in.
  5. Toggles for moving hood and waist in for greater insulation.
  6. You will be warm and dry from the wind and rain as you change and then head back home after swimming.


They say “The Charlie McLeod Unisex Sports Cloak offers a tough shower-proof nylon outer, with a thick Sherpa fleece lining.  All Sports Cloaks come with the usual CMc draw string bag that doubles as a changing mat for wet and muddy days.  There are 5 colours available including black, red, navy, royal blue and purple and 2 sizes small/medium and large/extra-large.  Inside the Sports Cloak are a number of zipped pockets including a mesh goggle pocket. It’s the small details that set the Sports Cloak aside from the competition.  We’ve added extra-long zip pulls for cold fingers and V vented side seams for ease of movement.  “


We say “Bloody lovely. Really warm. Especially love the fleecy lined pockets for cold hands”.

Here’s a brilliant video review created by one of our 11 year old Sea Squids


Author: Seabird Catherine


Swim Changing Robe – privacy for your privates

We get in the sea almost every day. We have no changing rooms. We get changed on the beach, basically in public. Unless you are a blatant exhibitionist there comes a time when you would like to cover up and be able to get changed without flashing the passers by. There also comes a time, around November, when you need to get changed as fast possible with as little biting wind nipping your tender flesh as you struggle to pull up your pants!

We had a few towelling changing robes amongst us but were not satisfied with what we had. They were too small, prone to tearing at the splits on the side and worst of all , prone to boob flashing down the arm holes! No good at all. Others of us were using micro-fibre towels. Again no good at all as they shed plastic micro-fibres into the water when we wash them. So we wanted to find; big, natural fibre, great quality changing robesthat allowed us to change quickly and securely without flashing our bits to all and sundry. We looked for the best available on the market…

We found them with Booicore. A family business started by a couple who love extreme sports and knew first hand the outdoor changing struggle. Booicore make their robes in the EU. They have designed them to be roomier and longer than others on the market. They are long enough for even the tallest amongst us. They are wider and hang lower on the arms so no boob sightings. They are well made and wash well. Best of all they are really pretty and come in many bright colours so we can look like a gang of rainbow Jedi on the beach after a dip! What more could we want?

Booicore say “The Booicore changing towel is extremely durable, combining convenience, warmth and comfort. So, after a day mountain biking, surfing or swimming there is no more struggling with getting changed on the beach or in the car. Our towel is manufactured to give you plenty of room to keep your modesty intact.” and Seabirds totally agree. Which is why we are happy to sell them here.

Let us know your favourite colours in the comments.

Review by Cath Seabird